Right to Respect and Dignity

In honor of World Refugee Day which was commemorated on June 20th, the UNHCR is marking that day with a screening of QUEST and an exhibition of images by the following photographers:

Gemunu Amerasinghe

Agron Dragaj

Dominic Sansoni

Anoma Wijewardena

The exhibition will remain open till Sunday 1st July 2007.

Good opportunity to visit the Gallery, view the exhibition, listen to some great live music, the Sunday band is playing divinely- so tight, so good. lunch on feta cheese salad or Modha with corriander and pine nuts splashed down with wine or beer, discuss how to save the world and how we are going to go about doing it… then mosey on down to the CRFC for the monthly Sunday jazz. What more?

Right to respect and dignity for all life.


10 comments on “Right to Respect and Dignity

  1. I think they should shut down UNHCR in Sri Lanka. It’s been taken over by Tamil terrorists. To hell with these phony refugees. I’m sure there aren’t any real refugees in these camps. UNHCR is probably lying about the numbers and using the money to buy bombs for the LTTE. If SLAF finds it hard to locate LTTE camps, they should target UNHCR camps instead.

    By the way, it’s Fetta in English, not Feta. You are not Greek.

  2. Hey JM – didn’t you hear that the UNHCR were secretly plotting to get an aircraft carrier down off the coast so the LTTE could launch attacks with their home-made aircraft on the South? Not only that, all the contributions for ‘so-called’ refugees (actually UNCHR workers in drag) are going towards destabilising the Brothers and their innumerable relatives that have been elected and appointed by all of us to the numerous positions they now hold. Bloody cheek, don’t you think? I, for one, am boycotting this exhibition – the hell with the UNHCR and their phony refugees!

  3. jm: actually, it’s called φέτα – so feta is the appropriate Romanized form. The alternate “fetta” spelling exists solely because “feta” is now reserved for cheese made in certain parts of Greece. I think Naz can start caring when she opens a branch of Barefoot in the EU.

    So all the many thousands of refugees are UNHCR workers in drag? I know some of those UN agencies are overstaffed, but this is ridiculous.


  4. Java, the brotherhood thanks you for that information. Now we know where that Norwegian grant went. I think the ideal solution for this refugee problem is at the Auschwitz musaeum.

    Drac, I don’t like Greeks. Dodoni is alright, but I find the Danish creamier.

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