Consider the word
of or relating to the stars
and me, in my galaxy
anger seeps
this morning
my abode violated
by the masculine
and I, feminine
demand an apology
in this minute space
that I call my own.

A Lie

Jealousy, fear and insecurity
Manifest at the most unlikely time-
As I am about to step into my bath,
Smell a perfume
That I know does not belong to me
So – I smoke a cigarette
Enjoy the deep satisfaction
Of the inhalation

When my husband comes home
The smell of smoke still lingers
‘Honey, have you been smoking?’
‘I don’t smoke.’ I reply, quietly.
Unplug the bath, watch the water
After all, one lie deserves another.


Tasteful and reasonable you were.
Me, in my extraordinary flamboyance
Upset you tenfold
and left me unhinged
Crying out, “please don’t go”
Stay with me. Don’t disassociate yourself
Let our lives unfold, together.
We have plans to hatch
so what, that we don’t match, reasonably?