Boney Fields and John Balmond (with Glen)

Slim, Slimmer, Bones and & Blonde! Concert at Barefoot on Octerber 7th at 8:00pm

In Honor of Glen Terry’s 50th birthday we have decided to stage a concert featuring all our favourite musicians, such as the man himself, Jerome Speldewinde, Ray Gomez, Revel Craig, Al Jochaim and a host of others. Including the very talented Mr. Boney Fields on trumpet and his wife, Nadege, on saxophone. Boney and Nadege are flying in from Paris to grace the occasion. Some of you may recollect listening to Boney play in 2005 when everyone ended up dancing in the rain! According to those who attended it was a fantastic concert. We expect no less from this one. Tickets available at Barefoot Gallery office. Rs. 1000/- Hope to see you all here.


mo-better-blues., originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Benefit concert for MO (Mohan Ariyaratne) starts this afternoon from 4:00pm onwards..

It’s raining cats and dogs at the moment, hopefully it will clear up by 4:00pm, and whatever happens don’t let a little rain put you off.

All proceeds from the concert go to pay for Mohan’s ongoing medical treatment.