I am on a health sabbatical and am working on my writing. I now act as a consultant for the Barefoot establishment – I will continue to post information on events and any new product launch. So watch this space for eclectic happenings . We have wifi at Barefoot, and a great cafe that serves excellent food and coffee in a beautiful garden setting.
For visitors to Sri Lanka, do drop in. We are located at 704 Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka. Tel: 0112505559
Barefoot has two branches located at 41 Pedlar Street in the Galle Fort, Galle and at Shop 9, The Dutch Hospital,Fort, Colombo 1.

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  1. hello , i tried to have a look at the barefoot website ,but to no avail , i will try again later , I am coming to lanka in august for the first time , I was hoping to buy and old house in the hills but the prices seem to have gone right up since i first started looking a year ago . i am a builder and also own a small retail outlet for gifts and clothing . i ended up on your page via the photographers page , my interest in lanka is bhuddism and culture , i have a feeling that i would like to spend some months of each year in sri lanka as the years roll by .. have a nice day . I will look for your products when I arrive , regards ,peter.

  2. Dear Nazreen
    I’ve had a few looks at the blog. As you said, lets me know what’s going on. problem is, it makes me nostalgic!
    I tried emailing Diana a couple of days ago at diana.pearce@dfat.gov.au, but it bounced back. Do you have another address for her?
    Janaka’s in Colombo at the moment, and I follow in a week and a half. See you then.

  3. just checked in – still in love with all your enterprices. Fantastic pix on your page. How can I get Dom’s new book? Am now in charge of our embassy in Amman, Jordan also covering Iraq.
    miss all my friends from Sri Lanka, all of them frequent Barefoot – my favoured place
    love to hear from you
    charge d’affair Austrian Embassy Amman, Jordan


  4. teenagers, 50+ year olds and computers don’t share space too well! Despite two lap tops and a table top, I seem to be the one begging for keyboard space. Well, today I got my chance and read your blog… Great Job Naz! Difficult with two teenages (19/16 )so hats off to you with 5. See you hopefully at X’mas. Check annies page on deviantart. Her profile is everaine. Wants to be a photographer!!

  5. Hi. I am writing on Sri Lanka for the Art AsiaPacific Almanac 2009 and I was wondering if I may have your email to contact you for some information. Please write to me. Thank you. Deeksha

  6. Hi Nazreen,

    When I introduced myself to you on my recent visit to S.L. as an old classmate, you quizzed me about what I remembered about our school days at Bishops’ and childhood. Well I recently found myself writing the following in response to a request to write ‘freefall’ ( a technique that ignores writing conventions) on ‘a sound from my childhood’. Thought it may be of interest. Keep up all the good work! Rochelle


    A sound from childhood

    The bells of the temple, the call of the mullah amidst the misty dawn, hazy first daylight above the clay red roof tiles of Colombo. Above the shabby, marked, unpainted buildings, some low level, some two storey, a skyline of lush green trees with branches that outlined, to me, a figure crouching?

    Moonlight seeping through the clouds drifting as the twinkly lights of the little shops in the cool breeze. The relief of the coolness, the relief of the stillness as another day is done. No noise, no nothing, no sounds, I have no words left. It is done. It is over. The beauty and serenity of the soundless dusk, the simplicity and the jargonless way of being. The beauty, the wholeness, the love, the delight, of the stillness of life.

  7. hello,

    just a thought.

    “when you walk into the sun, the only faith full friend you have is your shadow”

    i like your blog.


  8. Thank you Nazreen for the quality events you host. Indian Core on Saturday night was a highlight of music listening, an extraordinary blend of Norwegian and Indian music, spellbinding and enthralling!

    The brochure says: “The tour which featured fusion of the Indian influence with the Core was an experience above and beyond the ordinary, a beautiful interaction between saxophone, flute, sitar, double bass, piano, drums and tablas”, which is what it was.

    You and Dominic are two of the reasons that SL is out of the ordinary as well, and I am considering moving back here from Oz.

  9. i think i saw you in metro two weeks before.i wanted to talk to you but i was not too sure.and i asked from cora and she said u r in aussi.i have send you a friend request on face book. 🙂

  10. There is a FB group that is opposed to the RSF boycott of the GLF, please join if you think the boycott was detrimental to the cause of free speech:


    The boycott failed this year but if properly organised next year, it may sink the festival.

    My argument against the boycott is here:


    We will write to the signatories once we reach around 300 members, around the number who signed the RSF appeal, so feel free to add any like-minded friends.

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