The deep blue sea

Go deep, deeper. As deep as you’ve ever imagined.
The rawness from you bursting forth
a ripe open mangosteen
purple juice staining your lips, darkening your tongue
Truth lies there. Lies does too, but lies does not stay for long.
Truth has the wherewithall to come out and play
Sometimes it’s so painful you can’t go on.
It’s Bach at its finest- quick, brilliant, uninterrupted
The piano playing like it’s in love
And after a long time the pain is excellent
At least you think it is
You’re in love and may have lost him
Why am I howling into the wind? It carries me
Over the sea and dumps me at Dead Man’s Cove.
Under the tamarind trees where I meet a man in a speedo
And Bathing cap. I am guessing he hardly has any hair.
I don’t care I keep swimming out there. In the bluest sea I have ever seen
I look down at the clear water and see the sand.
This is where I find my ring. Unbelievable. My wedding ring.
We thought the monkeys had taken off with the loot and vanished.
we celebrate and say our vows rooted to the spot.
Walk soaking wet as husband and wife to the beach
Sit on the deck chairs and drink gin and tonics.


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