When your body starts to give

The art of ageing
Is to keep moving
Keep the blood flowing
The skin glowing
The hair bouncy
The teeth gleaming
The nails polished and shining
The muscles toned
The brain occupied and stimulated
Keep challenging yourself
Do what needs to be done
Cross things off your list
Love a lot, help a lot
Buy a lot, give a lot
Bake, make, play, create
Don’t be tempted by fate
Travel long distances
Take photographs and draw
Doodle the days away
When you feel your life
Is going astray
When you are sick
Meditate-go on a retreat
Be silent for awhile
Maybe 7 days maybe 10
How refreshing, then
To come back to earth
And hover above
the crowd
Frolic, drink, be merry
For tomorrow, you may perish
Ageing is relative we are all going
To die. How we go is what’s important
Go without a whimper or cry.
Go with love and all of life’s blessings.
Go in peace Go with love.



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