Kasbewa Tank ii

Kesbawa Lake ii

The retreat is situated near a lake that is man made
We arrive as the crows take off from the trees
Surrounding us and baulk, screeching into the
twilight, the smaller ones are nervous
we can tell-can they tell
That we are nervous, too?

But not about the crows. About the retreat
And the disorder that we have,
although Viren
Is miles behind me as
he stays off the medication.
I have been on it since
May 2015 and it has changed
me in subtle ways.

The lady of the house
Wears a redda and hatte ,
she is concerned about our food,
which is good enough
but much better when we order
Pol sambal, kade paan, dhal curry, marmite,
an omelet SRI LANKAN style.
We sigh in pleasure

Oh how small our world gets,
so small that I listen to pod casts
From far away and hear
Michael been interviewed.

I walk around the lake this morning
for the first time since I’ve been here.
Mornings are cool
lots more walkers and joggers on the trail
but still clean and peaceful.
What strikes me is the light,
it has a similar quality when we walk late at night.
Crystal clear and soft. Trees are plentiful,
Coconut, Palmyra, Jak, Mango
and the incessant sounds of bird calls
of which Vernon would be able to identify.

I stare delightedly at a clothes line
strung between two trees and on it are the whitest clothes
I have ever seen. Waving slightly with the breeze.
A dress, 2 sarongs, a skirt, some dishtowels,
a pair of shorts. I am wishing I had my phone so
I could photograph the scene, make a postcard.

I break into a jog and look over
at the lake the lotuses in full bloom.
I spot a man boating on a rubber tyre
He uses a short paddle and has a bundle of
Rags tied on the tyre
He looks like he is about to light a pipe.



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