words of wisdom from a wise woman

listen to your body. i don’t mean that as a recommendation to say or not say something, i mean it quite literally. you said your body is trying to tell you something. so listen. for now, that’s all you have to do. find a quiet place once a day, sit comfortably and turn your focus on your body, the feelings that arise, where they are located, how they feel, what sensations they bring, whether the feeling(s) shifts. just that. when you get into your head, remember to just go back into your body. breathe into any pain or discomfort you find, cry if that’s what comes, take note but don’t dwell on any thoughts that come up. then, in real time, when you start feeling anxious or whatever it is you feel–off to the loo or wherever you can hide to sit with it alone for a few minutes in your body, not your head. breathe into the feeling and let it express itself in your body. let it express itself, it’s probably old suppressed stuff that just needs to be felt, that is demanding to be felt, to be released. 

i think sometimes we think doing is an answer to how we are feeling. at least that’s my own personal misconception. i think feeling is the answer to how we are feeling though. not that i succeed 90% of the time, but when i do, it’s a relief.


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