Colombo is Changing

cement mixers drive down
narrow roads, manoeuvring
so as not to kill off
the last of the bird life-
the crows will remain
they are our survivors-
as are the people left
in the north and
from the south.
colombo changes
google maps  (have yet) to show
a change in the shape
of our pearl island
physically we are redrawing
ourselves—the new multicultural
restaurants abound
serving fusion meat and veg
who knows what the unidentified
cutlets are. The dog has stopped barking
the vomit from my stomach
convinces me to become vegetarian
chemical greens disguised
as organic
there is a big country that
looks like a continent–
and, has insidious control
over our city
The car had turned off
on Mary’s street
to be stopped by the
cement mixer, reversing
yet, another building
as we get swallowed up
by outside influences
we want our sovereignty
instead, we have the
hambantota port.

NS June 18 2018



Isabella at 21


Isabella at 21
Is very beautiful
kind and all woman
she nurtures, she cares,
for everyone.
Her nature from birth

Has a sunny disposition.
She is also very smart
(she doesn’t think so)
But, we know so.

Her self-depreciating characteristic
Is typical of a Ceylonese
Especially from an Anglican
Such as Ladies College.

Isabella is a bella
The belle of the ball
In my book for sure
I would cast her
As the central character
She is unique

Extremely likeable
And resourceful.
21 years old.  I’ve had the
pleasure of spending
quality time
with her in Melbourne
for a week.

I note that she is interested in most things
Especially the arts
After we shopped we sat down and listened
To a musician busking
She then pointed out the MOMA exhibit
And there is one in Brunswick.

She has left me now in Melbourne.
She has gone back to Brisbane
I’ll be leaving on a plane
This Friday. Back to where I came from
Where Isabella was born



I really get you, yes–as you do me. Present tense. I know books don’t solve anything, but one is coming my way that will be coming your way in the next month. I can’t imagine the undulating fear that must move through, the lack of recognition in becoming someone with a condition that affects the vehicle through which you’ve expressed your power and joy in life; the locus of your confidence in a world you have sometimes perceived as dominated by grammar and syntax. The challenge will be to love your body even in this, to see its perfection even in this, to trust the lessons it has for you even in this, to hold its sacred nature even in this. That’s a big order. To meet your resistance to what is happening and to wrestle with that resistance, to meet it, not to win over it, not to win or overcome, not know what’s on the other side of meeting it, to trust that in the brave act of meeting it, of feeling what arises on meeting it, this is what you are meant to do. You are not your body, yet your body is what you have as a tool to work with your mind in this life. I don’t know how strong you are or whether strength is what’s needed now, but I know you are brave. I know you know surrender, that bravest of brave acts. I know you know surrender is not the same thing as giving up. I know you know you are loved. The unknown comes to us all, introduces itself differently at each stage in our lives. I wish I could take away all fear, all pain. Knowing that I can’t, please know that I have faith in who you have become in and because of your life, and hold you in my heart at every moment. I have to go to Copenhagen for the week–it’s going to be very crazy. Still, you are with me always and I send you love xoxox