PRESS RELEASE and more images of Paintings by Kay Beadman

Stepping Out
Recent Paintings by Kay Beadman

Kay Mei Ling Beadman was born in England of mixed Chinese and English heritage. She studied Fine Art at the University of Reading in the UK, where she trained in sculpture but has since switched to painting and now works predominantly with acrylic on canvas. Since 1999, Kay has lived and worked in Hong Kong.

The paintings in Stepping Out focus on the humble and the not so humble shoe, an object that evokes a human presence; which may literally contain the imprint of the wearer. Here is a man-made artifact that encompasses the mundane to the iconic, that may be workaday functional or an aspirational object of desire.

The poem The Broken Sandal, by Denise Levertov, was a starting point for this series. In it she dreams her sandal strap breaks leaving her barefoot and meditating on life’s direction ‘where am I standing, if I’m to stand still now?’
What better venue than the Barefoot Gallery to exhibit this work?


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