Excellent Book on a Master

an extract from a review by Neville Weereratne

“This excellent publication, called simply ‘JUSTIN DARANIYAGALA. OIL PAINTINGS’ has been a long time coming but now it brings this man’s fabulous work within reach of us all. It is an essential tribute to one of this country’s most brilliant citizens but it is recognition within Sri Lanka that could very well have gone by default. So my compliments in the first place to Arjun Deraniyagala, who I know was dedicated to this task with great resolve; and his daughter Yvani. They had the unreserved support of Siran Deraniyagala, Ashley de Vos and Sunethra Bandaranaike. As I say, it has finally made its appearance, and not a moment too soon”.

“If I may pause here to comment on the quality of the colour printing obtained in this publication: the paintings are reproduced with due care and, as far as I can recall, as accurately as the art of printing can achieve. Not being able to compare them with the originals is an obvious disadvantage but while admiring the reproductions, we need also to take into account what changes take place when colour is condensed, as it has to be, when the reproduction is reduced in size to a mere fraction of the original”.

And may I add, Sebastian Posingis has done an excellent job of photographing the original drawings for this wonderful book.

Available at the BAREFOOT BOOKSHOP. Rs.16,000/-

Phone 2589305 ext 203 to reserve a copy


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