Press Release: Memories, Maps and Dreams: Josephine Balakrishnan

Memories, Maps and Dreams: Josephine Balakrishnan, Colombo Sri Lanka

Press Release


Memories, Maps & Dreams 

An exhibition of paintings and prints by Josephine Balakrishnan

Opening August 13, 7:30 PM

Show runs August 14 – 31, 2011

Barefoot Gallery
Galle Road
Colombo 3,
Sri Lanka

In eastern culture a dream can be a map; the dreamer a vehicle of the Divine. In western culture dreams refer to the psyche’s expression of the ego. In “Memories, Maps and Dreams,” Josephine Balakrishnan deciphers the mystery of dreams.
We see the western symbols that unlock the psyche and the messages. Balakrishnan ponders, “Do we live to dream, or dream to live?” The prints and paintings in this body of work address the question, “Why do we need maps when we always have a thread of memories and a myriad of dreams to lead us through each passage?”

With colors and birds flying, this show provides not only maps of moons, images of lovers walking, and references to the past and future, but seeks to reveal our own internal maps.

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