Exhibition of Photographs

“Standing there, surrounded by that matchless prospect, there on that proud pinnacle and above that enchanting view, one may well refuse to accept that rock-mark as the answer to his question. I want a higher, nobler answer, and is it not afforded? Let each decide for himself, but I like to believe that these legends are all after-thoughts; that the place was already sacred to the primal religions of humanity-the worship of nature –as the enduring, all originating, all absorbing universal whole; -that to this faith, man’s first, and perhaps his last, this spot was already consecrated as its most fitting temple. In a question of this I care little for historic absences or their absence. There are many things which history knows nothing, many more of which it has not chosen to tell.”
Ceylon Observer 2 October 1869 Quoted in Adam’s Peak by William Skeen p.10-11


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