This exhibition follows on from the paintings I showed at Barefoot in 2009. Not in theme, but in an exploration, partially of chance and also of the idea of discovering something familiar yet strange. When presented with the written word, our minds create images for the words. But in reverse ( image, no words) we struggle. What does it mean? , what is being said? are two of the most often asked questions.

In this show I am asking you to free your thoughts, invent connections, and discover present day myths. None are wrong as none are correct , they are all a part of the meaning to be shared.
Imagine finding in an old suitcase, a collection of drawings and paintings, there are angels, three wheelers, forms that are based on betel cutters, jungle and ruins. All familiar, but no words beyond enigmatic titles, you are is left to decipher the image for yourselves.

These new paintings also reflect something of my deepening recollections of travelling in Sri Lanka over the last 15 years, watching the street life, reading the papers, listening to the stories and experiences of those around me. I take these home to the UK, and over time images build until they appear on the paper. They grow and feed each other into a body of work ready to be shown, triggering new stories and histories waiting to be discovered by you.


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