schedule for week june 1st

Come hear the Chamber Music Society’s Brass line make some noise!
Monday 1st June 2009, 7.15 p.m at the Barefoot Garden Cafe
A delightful informal evening of classical music, food and drink.
Its free!

This TUESDAY 2nd JUNE – the Barefoot Film Club will screen SPELLBOUND: “a nail-biting face-off among hundreds of teens who train as rigorously as any Olympic athlete on their heroic quest for glory” …

Finally the world’s geeks get their very own Rocky in the shape of this quirky documentary, which follows eight teenagers as they compete in the 1999 American National Spelling Bee. While the competition is exciting enough, it’s the kids’ differing backgrounds that give this film its real heart. From the daughter of Mexican immigrants whose father speaks no English to a gawky farmboy whose parents struggle to understand their talented offspring, this is really a story of the trials and occasional triumphs of what it’s like to be young and “different” in America.

When: Tuesday 2nd June – 7:30pm for 7:45pm start
Where: Barefoot Garden Cafe

Come along – for the film, or for an excuse to just to get out of your house!

MAHEN PERERA’S ‘TIME LOST AND FOUND’opens on june 4th, 2009 at 7:30 pm.

Coming soon after his artistic training at the La Salle College of Art in Singapore, this exhibition marks Mahen Perera’s ‘professional debut’ in Sri Lanka. And it introduces some startling new themes, or at least startling treatment of some not so new themes. And in doing so he answers with a degree of originality the perennial question which gallery visitors ask, “why do some artists so willfully forsake ‘realism’ and representational ‘accuracy’, and why are the results so often forbidding to the eye and revolting to good sense? Little do they ask about the price art often pays for the accessible and pleasing effects of so-called ‘realism’


BETODIAF- A DANCE, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

I am once again happy to announce the premiere of a new work by nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka titled BETODIAF. Made in collaboration with a friend and fellow artist, Jennifer Lemanski, and sponsored by the Davis United World College Scholars Foundation and Bard College (New York, USA), BETODIAF is an international experimental performance project concerned with the body in both self- and social-confinement. The show explores the subjects of imprisonment, control and self-determination through a unique set of choreographic elements.

Having evolved from an open series of interdisciplinary workshops in the arts conducted at the Goethe-Institut from early February to May, this production will introduce a new group of young artistic talents. I am excited to share this performance with you and, as always, your sincere interest in nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us promote a new dimension of Modern dance culture.

BETODIAF will be performed one night only on Friday, May 15th. To reserve tickets please contact the Barefoot Gallery or call 0774702341.


Founded in 2002 by Kapila Palihawadana, nATANDA is a bold and energetic dance program that raises the standards of dance theatre in Sri Lanka. nATANDA provides a platform for the Sri Lankan dance tradition to be showcased while engaging with dance traditions and audiences from around the world. Its dance style looks beyond boundaries of form, physicality, culture and geography and portrays something richer and more vibrant. The dancers of nATANDA are trained in traditional Sri Lankan dance as well as the basics of Modern dance and western classical ballet. They are not molded into a pre-choreographed production, but are motivated to contribute with the uniqueness of their bodies and personalities.

Kapila Palihawadana is the artistic director and founder of nATANDA. Kapila has studied traditional dance in his native country Sri Lanka. He toured to India and Germany in 1999 and 2002. He was introduced to western classical ballet by Oosha Sarwanamuttu and was the solo dancer in Joie de la dance in 2003. Kapila won a scholarship though the Goethe-Institut in Colombo which led him to Germany in 2004 where he worked with some of the nation’s best dance companies including Das Theatre Haus in Freiburg and Das Theatre Haus in Heidelberg. He began his Modern dance training under Christino Kono, Biasuty and Tomi Paasonen, and gained experience from such well-known choreographers as Sasha Waltz, Irina Pauls, Manuel Quero and David Bolger. Kapila holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kelaniya. He has led workshops in Thailand as a guest of the Bangkok International Dance Festival.