Every morning
when I wake
my first thought
is of civilians
In the vanni
Women children
No chance
At life
She might?
Is a terrorist?
For god’s sake
She could have
been a scientist
Our loss
Our unimaginable loss


11 comments on “loss

  1. then where does it end for you? or is that something you’d like to keep to yourself, god forbid others may like to help?

  2. really? well i hope your helping then.. as for what i do, “I’d like to keep to myself” too.. and drink posh coffee while im at it 😀

  3. oooh, this from the woman who has done zero for any poor person in Sri Lanka.

    Ohh how every deep of you !!

    I get it this another one of those publicity stunts to get people to come to your shop that lives on the blood and sweat of the poor craftsman

  4. Hans: Do I know you?
    tell me what do you know about me?
    would you like to come to “my” shop and have a chat?

    i would love to hear your thoughts, and what goes on in that embittered brain of yours.

    it’s a poem, take it or leave it.
    and in the end, only I know how I really feel and what I have done. I am quite comfortable with myself as a person.

    i hope you are too.

    Good luck

  5. hi Nazrin, ur shops one of my fave hangouts and i love an really appreciate what u truly do to uplift the craftmenship in Srilanka,how u have reached out indirectly to devolope the grass root levels in the country but i dont think it’s that bad in Vanni, coz i know…

    I’m a bit dissapointed to see how u project things in a very vague manner, seems to me that ur Running a successful Pro LTTE Propaganda.

    Very sorry to be sounding rude, but i cannot agree with u totaly on above

  6. As a piece of poetry i think you are absolutely right- it is vague- Especially as you read it as a piece of propaganda which only means I need to work on the piece so the message is clearer.
    this piece is a gut reaction to the cost of civilian lives
    in this country, or anywhere, for that matter.
    it aims to speak of the futility of war and pointless loss of what could be a very productive life.

    i am, what is very unpopular at present, a pacifist.

    that’s all.

    thanks for your comments on the shop, I’ll pass it on to the people who do all the hard work.

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