ABBAS, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Abbas of Magnum Photos will be giving a presentation of his work, “In Whose Name?” on March 17th at 7pm at the BAREFOOT GALLERY. 8th Lane Colombo 3.

Please enter from car park (we have added parking for 25 more cars). If it rains, the presentation will be held indoors and seating will be on a first come fist served basis! So please come on time.
Th bar will be open and plenty of goodies to eat too!

In Whose Name?

On September 11, 2001, the photographer Abbas watches live on Siberian television the tragedy taking place… thirteen time zones away. A year later, confronted with a giant cross erected on the ruins of the World Trade Centre – will one form of religious intolerance lead to another? – he embarks on a seven year project which is finalised in the slideshow about his soon to be published book.

Born a photographer, Abbas is an Iranian transplanted in Paris, a member of Magnum. Since the late 60’s, he roams the developing countries of the South, to photograph societies in transition, in a desperate search for modernism. He is presently working on Buddhism.

His previous books include, Allah O Akbar, a journey through militant Islam, Faces of Christianity, Iran Diary 1971-2003, Sur la Route des Esprits.
His site

Entrance is free and do please pass this notice on to anyone who might be interested.


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