Druvinka: A Painting

Druvinka: A Painting, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Exhibition will remain open at the Barefoot Gallery until the end of

Druvinka is an established artist who has held exhibitions around the world. Born in Sri Lanka, she currently resides and paints in Himachal Pradesh, India with her two sons, Tashi and Drona. We are very pleased to present her 13th exhibition of paintings, which may very well be the peak of her working life so far.

The canvases speak with the assuredness of an artist who has found her place. The darkness and suffering implied in her earlier works – staggeringly beautiful as it was – is disappearing. In this collection, we sense hope; witness glimpses of a new beginning, an absolute control of form, a show of mastery. Each layer of water-based paint is visible on the canvas. Any line unappreciated in the process of painting gets incorporated into the work. Druvinka will use it; such is her practical command of the tempera technique. It is interesting to see an old technique delivered in such a contemporary manner, this will appeal to art lovers who tire of the conceptual installations that are exhibited and are searching for something new and exciting on a painting. Druvinka’s work delivers.

Other than the lingam and the yoni ( that everyone else is running away from ) Druvinka has introduced two new forms in this collection: The Snake and Lord Ganesh. The snake is there for protection, and for the intrigue of its moving shape. Druvinka lives in Shiva’s valley, where snakes are considered nature spirits. They bring rain and fertility and are only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated. Ganesh represents the vehicle to transport you from one life experience to another and invokes the intellect and wisdom. Our friendly ‘remover of obstacles’ dances on the canvases with his feature serpent. Druvinka is on the threshold of new beginnings- in her work and in her life.


2 thoughts on “Druvinka: A Painting

  1. I was at Barefoot yesterday and I walked through the gallery. I was dumbstruck at the multiple layers and the different stories they told, the different emotions they evoked. She is absolutely brilliant!

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