Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Fueled by a raging libido, Wild Turkey, and superhuman doses of drugs, Thompson was a true “free lance, ” goring sacred cows with impunity, hilarity, and a steel-eyed conviction for writing wrongs. Focusing on the good doctor’s heyday, 1965 to 1975, the film includes clips of never-before-seen (nor heard) home movies, audiotapes, and passages from unpublished manuscripts. [from IMDB]

When: Tuesday 31st March – 7:30pm start
Where: Barefoot Gallery

See you there, the BFC team.

bar open…


ABBAS, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Abbas of Magnum Photos will be giving a presentation of his work, “In Whose Name?” on March 17th at 7pm at the BAREFOOT GALLERY. 8th Lane Colombo 3.

Please enter from car park (we have added parking for 25 more cars). If it rains, the presentation will be held indoors and seating will be on a first come fist served basis! So please come on time.
Th bar will be open and plenty of goodies to eat too!

In Whose Name?

On September 11, 2001, the photographer Abbas watches live on Siberian television the tragedy taking place… thirteen time zones away. A year later, confronted with a giant cross erected on the ruins of the World Trade Centre – will one form of religious intolerance lead to another? – he embarks on a seven year project which is finalised in the slideshow about his soon to be published book.

Born a photographer, Abbas is an Iranian transplanted in Paris, a member of Magnum. Since the late 60’s, he roams the developing countries of the South, to photograph societies in transition, in a desperate search for modernism. He is presently working on Buddhism.

His previous books include, Allah O Akbar, a journey through militant Islam, Faces of Christianity, Iran Diary 1971-2003, Sur la Route des Esprits.
His site

Entrance is free and do please pass this notice on to anyone who might be interested.

Druvinka: A Painting

Druvinka: A Painting, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Exhibition will remain open at the Barefoot Gallery until the end of

Druvinka is an established artist who has held exhibitions around the world. Born in Sri Lanka, she currently resides and paints in Himachal Pradesh, India with her two sons, Tashi and Drona. We are very pleased to present her 13th exhibition of paintings, which may very well be the peak of her working life so far.

The canvases speak with the assuredness of an artist who has found her place. The darkness and suffering implied in her earlier works – staggeringly beautiful as it was – is disappearing. In this collection, we sense hope; witness glimpses of a new beginning, an absolute control of form, a show of mastery. Each layer of water-based paint is visible on the canvas. Any line unappreciated in the process of painting gets incorporated into the work. Druvinka will use it; such is her practical command of the tempera technique. It is interesting to see an old technique delivered in such a contemporary manner, this will appeal to art lovers who tire of the conceptual installations that are exhibited and are searching for something new and exciting on a painting. Druvinka’s work delivers.

Other than the lingam and the yoni ( that everyone else is running away from ) Druvinka has introduced two new forms in this collection: The Snake and Lord Ganesh. The snake is there for protection, and for the intrigue of its moving shape. Druvinka lives in Shiva’s valley, where snakes are considered nature spirits. They bring rain and fertility and are only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated. Ganesh represents the vehicle to transport you from one life experience to another and invokes the intellect and wisdom. Our friendly ‘remover of obstacles’ dances on the canvases with his feature serpent. Druvinka is on the threshold of new beginnings- in her work and in her life.

The Open Rehersals

The Open Rehersals, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

The Chamber Music Society of Colombo and the BAREFOOT GALLERY will present The Open Rehearsal series, which consists of live music in a work-in-progress format. Expect to see between three and six musicians of the Society at rehearsal involving both classical and contemporary approaches. The organizers hope to weave this music into the cultural tapestry of Colombo’s nightlife, presently saturated by more popular forms of musical entertainment.

By bringing chamber music out of its rarefied environment of the concert hall, and making it more accessible to an audience who would not otherwise hear such music in a live context, they hope to bring a wider public consciousness the awareness of this music’s uniqueness and potency.

Artistes of the Society along with selected guests will use the creative space as an outlet to experiment with novel interpretations of the classics and explore new works of the avant-garde. This inter-relation between performers is a fundamental driving force behind the idea: dissolving boundaries that result from the specialization of musicians and bringing people, both audience and performers together in an intimate and non-formal environment.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday evening.

Entrance is free. Dinner will also be available and the bar is open!