FILM NIGHT- ‘When we were Kings’


This month, we are going to show our monthly film on WEDNESDAY 29th October. Please come and watch the 1996 documentary film WHEN WE WERE KINGS – Muhammad Ali’s famous ‘rumble in the jungle’ in Zaire (DR Congo).

When: 7pm, Wednesday 29th October 2008
Where: Barefoot (rain or no-rain)

A few days before the United States Presidential elections, WHEN WE WERE KINGS is an interesting film to watch, and contemplate what the world might have been like if ‘they’/’we’ had remained kings and queens… (more from Wikipedia)… The film shows the buildup to the fight. Ali is shown talking about his beliefs regarding Africans and African-Americans, speaking of the inherent dignity of the native Africans and his hopes for African-Americans in the future.

See you on Wednesday,
– from the BFC team


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