The Book of Faces

SASKIA PINTELON will launch her book at barefoot this evening at 7:30 pm.

The Book of Faces, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

The book of faces’ is the first monography published about Belgian artist, Saskia Pintelon containing a series of recent work. The subject is the mezmerizing and enigmatic ‘faces’ of Sri Lanka inspired by the personals for arranged marriage in the local Lanka newspapers. The ‘faces’ look out at us with moving, eyes that let us catch a glimpse of their soul. The work has a raw femininity that is sensual with a certain carnal truth. Depicted works in the book have a graphic quality, contain texts and are done in mixed media on recycled tea bags. Recto side is art work whereas the verso contains texts and various photographic material concerning her life, work and inspiration, excerpts from sketchbooks as well as more images of work. The book is in English, contains one biographical text, an interview and an art-critical text in both French and English. It is a fold-out table book on recycled paper in a sleeve-box. The book is published by CLAM Paris.


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