The frogs croak
the noise bellows via the phone
“what?” I shout, “I can’t hear you.”
“I am leaving” is the reply.
leaving? I mutter
mentally count my friends, my white friends-
abandoning the country
They once loved, cherished.
worked hard. had so much fun in-
drove it NSEW
mesmerized by the beauty
as they turned each corner.

today a human rights nightmare
where no one is safe
from a menace
that we don’t understand
terrorism for too long
society? civil society?
what’s that?

We might as well leave
sever the bonds that keep us here
we don’t count
we create, give, play, and love
for what?
remnants everywhere
architecture, food, dress
roads, design, culture
For whom?
A country that does not know us.
A country that refuses to recognize us.


7 comments on “GOODBYE

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  2. include me…i’m slowly organizing departure too….there’s no sense or hope in ANTHING that hppens here. it’ll take at least year for me to tie up everything, that’s how STRONG my bonds are to sl. Suppose it’s part of life. this isn’t the only place with a few palms and birds and the sea, it’s not that special anyway. the sea is shit for most of the year, the weather too, the wind is also nothing to wrtite home about, food boring unless i cook my own, the people…well, i’ll let you judge that…

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