A Tribute to a teacher- Ms. Cora Abraham

The barefoot gallery hosted an exhibition of paintings donated by artists, teachers, painters and designers who are and were students of the Cora Abraham art classes 1949-2008. This exhibition was organised to raise funds for the school, which is in need of financial resources to help continue the excellent work and development of the classes. Overall, it was a great success and for anyone interested, there are paintings left over from the exhibit for purchase to help overcome their present financial difficulties.


3 thoughts on “A Tribute to a teacher- Ms. Cora Abraham

  1. sorry david. I had a viral, chicken like symptoms, fever- then headed to Abay to recuperate.
    therefore, late in posting the event- there is some work remaining so come have a look! Your one of the many esteemed past pupils. great school.

  2. Unfortunately I am in the UK and I miss all the great events at the CAAC. Are you a former student Nazreen? We have a facebook group for CAAC and if your interested I sent you a friend request.


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