Just in case you did not receive this notice via email…

Starting FRIDAY 25/07/2008 vehicles and people entering the high security zone will be subjected to thorough security checks. (High security zone starts from Kollupitiya junction towards Galle face, Elephant house junction- slave island, York street ect…) vehicles entering the zone will need to obtain passes.

From TUESDAY 29/07/2008 no vehicles will be allowed to the high security zone at all. A shuttle service will be functioning for people to come in to the high security zone. (up to D.R. Wijewardena Mw- Lake House ) All vehicles will have to be parked out side the High security zone.

1st of August (Friday) will be declared as an official holiday. (subject to official confirmation.)

Train services will function only up to Bumbalapitiya from down south, and up to Maradana from the other side. Fort railway station will be closed.

There will be a shuttle service from Kollupitiya and Maradana Stations to Fort (up to D.R. Wijewardena Mw- Lake House ) No vehicles will be given authority to enter from there onwards.

Cash courier vehicles/ Document courier vehicles need to obtain separate passes through their respective companies.

Other high security areas declared will be areas near the BIA / BMICH/ and MOUNT LAVINIA. (as some delegates will be located at Mt- Lavinia Hotel)

Period concerned will be 25/07/2008 to 04/08/2008 (ending 4th midnight)



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