The exhibition of photographs will remain open until SATURDAY,19th JULY


6 thoughts on “MozArt

  1. Attended this one and it was amazing! i really loved all of em! just wish i had the cash to buy some and support Mr. Mohan! Kudos to y’all for organising this though! brilliant!

  2. Kalusudda, the idea is to entice people like yourself to come and have a look and I had nothing to do with this one, Tavish- Just provided the space, and a little bit of moral support- yeah nice exhibition.

  3. Sorry Naz, I am in San Francisco now. But will be leaving for barren lands of Barrow, Alaska soon. I just immerse myself in blogs and Flickr to get enough taste of SL. I know anything you touch turns out to be super.

  4. kalusudda: I am envious would love to hang out in SF
    and cruise alaska- been to anchorage airport in the early eighties where I paid an enormous sum of money for a measly pint of beer. Have fun!

  5. Yes the fact about beer has not changed much, last year when I was in Barrow, which is a dry town, a six pack cost around $100!

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