My new look

Naz-haircut, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

I have not had my hair cut this short since 1991- so I thought I’d post a photo- dom took it of course. I am still without a camera, and trying to figure out how to use the Leica dom has loaned me. So, what do you think?


26 comments on “My new look

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  2. nice! time for a trip to NY, i hear my little cousins may be coming for new year w/ their mom. why not tag along?

  3. cerno: very sweet cerno- so how come everyone calls me madame now? Thanks. Mrs. Cerno and you should stop by for a drink! Dom will probably card you both. Seriously, come over sometime…

  4. I Know Krishna. It’s a fact, all daughters end up looking like their mothers.

    so nice to hear from you, brother.


  5. U look exactly how i thought Nazreen Sansoni would look like… 🙂
    How u looked before is immaterial… I’ve never seen u before, just heard of u…
    And THIS is how Nazreen Sansoni is supposed to look like!!!

    Not making any sense; forgive me, i’m lactating…

  6. hai mrs sansoni . hope you rember me i used to work in galapita as massage therapist ( from india). you look very good in this new look, i belive you have lost a weight bit. take care and have fablous year

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