no direction home

There are moments and happenings that suggest that we are not actively

journeying through life as we might think. But rather, that we are still while life

flows on around us, driven by its own agendas. It’s like in the old movies. The

ones where we see the actors in a car motoring merrily onwards to the next

scene. Except of course, they are not really moving at all – the motion we see

through their rear glass is an illusion created by camera trickery. Bluescreen

or something to that effect. This perspective is sometimes unsettling. We like

to think we write, act and direct our own lives. But sometimes it is soothing –

we can just sit back, relax and not enjoy the ride.

No Direction Home, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

just love the title of this exhibition-
have not spoken to Nelun about her work this time, but the title says it all for me.
private view Tuesday 17th June at 7:30 pm
do come.


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