Holland in bits and pieces

Holland in bits and pieces, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

all photos, title and layout by dominic sansoni. I forgot my camera, remember?


4 thoughts on “Holland in bits and pieces

  1. surfed the whole lot; from dom to you and back again. Feel home sick and happy at the same time. Holland is playing Italy. All orange and blue and I have crept underground.

  2. iromi: europe was lovely- so civilised and cool, will return on a longer trip next time and must take the kids- any plans on a trip to SL anytime soon? ( wore barefoot orange scarf most of the time, much to dutch delight)

    java: dom is doing his number on his laptop and then we will show all. maybe a slide show? he took some awesome pics.

    Diordna; I guess we left just in time…

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