A Light has Gone Out

Manik, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

13 09 1945 – 18 05 2008


16 comments on “A Light has Gone Out

  1. A link to a bit of biographical back ground would be handy for those of us whose unfamiliar with him. I remember him being featured in Sam’s movie – which I’ve only seen in snippets.

  2. Mithre: an Unimaginable void In my heart, the loss is so great for all who knew and loved him. We also were so sure of his love in return, that in itself, is a remarkable thing-and of course, I will so miss the wisdom. He was the epitome of what it means to be human. Can’t imagine life without him.

    Cerno: I am sorry. not my place, not my intention. he does not need one. not on my blog.

  3. I am heart broken and deeply saddened by his passing. Manik touched me deeply and affected me profoundly. He was a great man who did great things; I was blessed beyond words to journey and ride shot gun with him; to see Lanka through his eyes.

    He was a great mentor and teacher. I loved him very much.

  4. seeing the photograph you have posted, the sarongue, the grin, the spanking new car, the field. The picture speaks a few thousand words. The stride. The stride. I will deposit that stride into my heart, my dreams. Indran

  5. Can you post verbatim transcript of the video clip posted on YouTube for the benefit for his hearing-impaired nephew?

  6. Text from the video above (please note some words may not be spelt properly)


    I am the King’s man.
    I am not with the State.
    I represent the King.
    The King is eternal.
    I work for the King.
    I am a courtier.
    My King is the God of Kataragama.

    So I am under no Government,
    under no President, under nobody.
    I am under the eternal Law.

    When you look at life you see
    there are idealists, cynics and charlatans.
    And you then have those
    who know about idealists, cynics and charlatans.
    I’ve been a little bit of each
    in various stages of my life.
    Like the Hindu doctrine says
    You are from achari (sp?)
    You are a house-holder
    You are a jungle-dweller
    and then you are a free man.
    Its different stages in your life,
    I’ve been through those stages.

    So where I am now is inconsequential
    Where karma leads me is inconsequential
    Where I am, I am.
    At the moment, at 60 I have two children
    One ages 4 months and
    the other aged two and half years.
    It’s most joyous
    seeing life all again,
    restart from the beginning.

    So you know –
    There was an old man called Michael Finnigan,
    He grew whiskers on his chinigin.
    The wind blew up and blew them in agin,
    Come on old Michael Finnigin.
    Begin again.
    So there is no beginning,
    there is no end,
    there is no death.
    There is no finality.

    It is change, change, change,
    That’s all there is.
    Observing the change is our privilege,
    but we shouldn’t get stuck in to fixing things.
    The moment we fix things, we are in trouble,
    because we are then subjected to
    Birth, death, decay, suffering and all of that.

    As long as we watch change, and
    Know that the world is all about change,
    No problem.

    Then with the Sinhalese, we can all laugh
    Kapalah, Bepalah, Jolikarapalah …
    (a few more words in sinhalese)
    … This marvelous Sinhala thing,
    Eat, drink and be merry
    Tomorrow we may die,
    However if through happiness
    Today we enjoy ourselves
    Even if we die tomorrow, it doesn’t matter.

  7. Thanks for posting and hosting… Sorry I missed the funeral party. He highly appreciated by me, over the past 30 years and delighted we spent some quality time together over last Xmas and here in Bkk.. Blessings to you all, keep up his wild spirit!

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