Recent devlopments in contemporary sri lankan painting

sorry that the image is not clear as it should be, it’s all I have.

For those of you in the area, please drop in and view the exhibit that we curated and organised from Sri Lanka; and for our friends, Dom and I will be there from the 29th May -5th of June- we can be contacted via the Gallery in the HAGUE. thanks.

For Manik

Magic Manik has gone
left without a goodbye
without a kiss
just SMS’s
news of bliss
from Singapore

Returning next week?

Such a sense of loss
in Colombo
what do I do now?
how do I move on?
can’t imagine life
without him.

His irrepressible smile
indomitable spirit
the unconditional love
conspicuous, in this
empty city

So, the cell phone
(his photo saved as wallpaper)
messages – to scroll, to read.
an intense longing
to have him back.

To fly with
fingers snapping
head shaking
feet grooving,
Magic Manik