“Do you believe in spirits”?
she asks, visibly shaken.
“I took a photo of you, above your head is a distinct white image, outlined in blue…floating”
“Is it ominous”? I retort.
“No” she replies. “Not at all, on the contrary, It’s your guardian angel”.
“Let’s have a cigarette” I say, as i ponder the possibility of my very own guardian angel.
“It could have been the spirit of the library” she murmurs.
Somehow, I don’t think so. the thought fills me with a private glee.
“Send me a picture. 300 dpi via email should be fine”
“I will”. she promises.

Back in Colombo and I have yet to receive the email.
Is my guardian angel still around? or has she disappeared?
From me, from the photograph?
After a job well done?


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