multiple reality

I am compelled to write about nonsensical things
As we sit in a capsule of rot
Wasting time, preaching to a generation
Lost in cyberspace.
An impossible task in this two dimensional world
Where empathy does not show
Body language does not offer any cues
A flick of a wrist, a wink of an eye
Gestures that convey meaning
Layer upon layer as the context is
Understood in a millisecond
This wonderful sensual art
Of really listening.
Observing. Taking in the scent of perfume
As the last sip of coffee
Is drunk
The perfunctory civilised good night
A kiss on a cheek

Somewhere, someone has switched
Off his laptop
Frustrated, annoyed. Feeling
No kiss on the cheek
Falls into a fitful sleep.


6 thoughts on “multiple reality

  1. A capsule of rot, evokes a picture of a rotting boat, going no where, listing at port, the boatman sitting forlorn, a cigarette in hand, talking to a generation before, a lost generation, in space and time, not just in cyberspace, a generation that lost a sense of direction, a generation that misleads others who have followed and a generation that has allowed the rot to be ingrained in everything they touch. The boatman’s gestures are not contextual, he is old and has dementia as is others of his ilk, those who are taking the generations on a ride to no where..

  2. hi naz, i think i remember the day this one was born, remember really LISTENING to it 🙂 reads beautifully… thanks for the lovely things you’d said about my poetry i will miss those evenings too. hope to see you soon

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