libby and lou

two of the many dynamos that made GLF 2008 such a success.
had to mark it somehow, decided that this photo would do. which just reaffirms, that i blog to record events in my life that commemorate the passage of time.
I also post, (as my blog states) to inform viewers of events and such at Barefoot and sometimes, other places.



3 comments on “libby and lou

  1. Yes very much looking forward to getting more posts of events at the barefoot. My wife Janey and I were at that wonderful impromptu affair at the Barefoot on one of the Sunday Jazz afternoons when you had Glen Terry playing. That was so spontaneous.
    We missed out of the GLF this year, but we are planning to be there next in force with hopefully up to 20-30 Canadian friends who will be coming on a special tour centered around the GLF.

  2. thanks very much for your comment, Vijit. I am in Australia right now, seeing my eldest daughter into the Univ of Melbourne. We plan to fly up and visit Glen and Diana in Canberra, where they reside, on the weekend. yes that afternoon was wonderful. so glad you were there and enjoyed it.

    and the GLF… Well there will be a few changes next year, but it will definitely take place in March 2009. will keep you posted and look forward to meeting you then.

  3. Hmm March 2009. That is good to know. I was going to start the process of getting the Canadians organized with a target date of mid January. I should wait then to make sure it will be in March. By the way this will be a very social and well read group and it will be a lot of fun for them and they will certainly add to the atmosphere, but I want to make sure it will be perfect. We will await your return from OZ to hear more about a definite date. Also a reminder that we will be looking for more announcements of barefoot events. Cheers.

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