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Heroes of Photography: Phil Borges

Heroes of Photography: Phil Borges
“Many photographers have documented the difficulties faced by Earth’s indigenous peoples, from poverty to prejudice, sexism to outright violence. Few have made as big a difference with their pictures as Phil Borges.” Russell Hart

Phil Borges will be presenting his work at BAREFOOT GALLERY on Friday 15th at 6.30pm
I think we can all look forward to a fascinating talk by one of the worlds most influential photographers.


Entrance is free.


multiple reality

I am compelled to write about nonsensical things
As we sit in a capsule of rot
Wasting time, preaching to a generation
Lost in cyberspace.
An impossible task in this two dimensional world
Where empathy does not show
Body language does not offer any cues
A flick of a wrist, a wink of an eye
Gestures that convey meaning
Layer upon layer as the context is
Understood in a millisecond
This wonderful sensual art
Of really listening.
Observing. Taking in the scent of perfume
As the last sip of coffee
Is drunk
The perfunctory civilised good night
A kiss on a cheek

Somewhere, someone has switched
Off his laptop
Frustrated, annoyed. Feeling
No kiss on the cheek
Falls into a fitful sleep.

libby and lou

two of the many dynamos that made GLF 2008 such a success.
had to mark it somehow, decided that this photo would do. which just reaffirms, that i blog to record events in my life that commemorate the passage of time.
I also post, (as my blog states) to inform viewers of events and such at Barefoot and sometimes, other places.