Fashion Mood

Fashion Mood, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.


A musical group from Latvia will be visiting Colombo this month, featuring Raimonds Tiguls, gifted keyboard artist and composer, who has written and produced several of his own CDs of beautiful ambient music, as well as collaborating in many other projects; his good friend Intars Busulis, upcoming internationally renowned jazz singer and trombonist, with whom he recently collaborated on the CD ‘Fashion Mood’, with acid jazz and dance music and double bassist Janis Mednis, who has played with Kremerata Baltica the celebrated Latvian classical chamber music group led by violinist Gidon Kremer.

Janis Mednis is also a gifted photographer, and recently published an exquisite album of photographs of the other-worldly coastal region of Livonia, where about 200 people still speak the original ancient languge of their people. There will be a 30 minute presentation from this work, with original live music (specially composed for and sold with the award winning book) by members of the band at the Latvian National Day celebrations at the TransAsia Hotel on the evening of Friday 16th.

Members of the band will be playing jazz standards and some of their unique music for fortunate invitee diners on the following Saturday and Sunday evenings at the TransAsia, but the Colombo public will have the opportunity of enjoying this brilliant and lively band at Barefoot, for a grand concert on Wednesday 21st in the evening, where they will be playing the coolest acid jazz and dance music from ‘Fashion Mood’ and rocking out with wonderful jazz favourites. Latvia is a country of about 2 million music-crazed people, and now the pressure is about to make Colombo explode. Not to be missed!

Tickets Rs. 1000/- available at gallery office

Wednesday 21st 7:00pm onwards


3 comments on “Fashion Mood

  1. Naz. What a great website. I’ve seen Dom’s photo websites too. Cutting edge.
    You’re right. It’s about time we get with it and visit Colombo and Barefoot. But we are compelled to go to California on our next trip..ageing parents..but it’s a good new year’s resolution to head your way. I am told you are as beautiful as ever by my Indian informants.

    XXX Jan

  2. Went to this last night (after some persuasion from Naz). Very disappointing. Strongly suggest that, in future, Barefoot audition performers before putting them on.

  3. We do audition performers before putting them on, and if we are unable to because they live overseas, we accept recommendations from people we trust along with a cd.
    So many people who came last evening enjoyed it.
    I really liked the woman who sang Latvian folk music, and thought the guy did a great job with the jazz standards. what energy and power.

    sorry you didn’t enjoy it. we certainly can’t please everyone, all the time.

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