LYCHEE LASSI- from Germany

Geothe-Institue in collaboration with Barefoot Gallery


An Eletronic Music Festival Concert

FRIDAY, 09 November at 7:00pm at the Barefoot Gallery

Live Illectronic Jamband? That’s just one way in which people have tried to even begin to describe Lychee Lassi. In 1998 Lychee Lassi started playing on the Berlin underground circuit. Beat Halberschmid (bass), Dirk Baerger (guitar), DJ Illvibe and Roy Knauf (drums) have been working together in this line-up since 1999. It is impossible to pigeonhole the unique sound of Lychee Lassi. Much of their musical heritage derives from an eccentric pallet – hip hop, funk, jazz being the most obvious influence but there are deeper otherworldly sound palimpsests that elude description. A cell without a nucleus, a band without a front person, they are all worthy of that coveted role but Lychee Lassi’s perfect amalgamation allows room for each distinct member to shine. One particular integral contributor is DJ Ill-vibe who treats his decks just like an instrument as his highly skilled counterpart do with theirs. They invent astonishing combinations, constantly surprising and surpassing each musical twist and turn with skill and ease. Lychee Lassi have gone on to play gigs all over Germany, Switzerland, Italy and the UK at clubs, open-airs, and nerdy digital arts festivals and even at truly crusty neo-hippie raves.


tickets Rs. 500/- available at Barefoot and the Geothe Institute


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