The kachang blows intermittently; strong at times then gentle as a breeze, but it’s wind nevertheless- Hot, hot wind that is the feature of the dry season in the south east in July. We are in Buttalla at Podi Gedara.

I sit and feel the wind. It talks to me, one minute beckoning me outside, all leaves curling in a come hither gesture- next, content to feel it rush past me as if in a hurry. The heat of the day intensifies the mood to walk to the river. ‘What you need is a cool river bath’ the wind seems to be saying.

I am content to sit at the long wooden table sipping cold white wine, and reading.

I pause to watch Dom water the Khomba Trees-the tree that gives life and heals.
It’s 2:30 and the sun is blaring overhead but Dom does not mind. His thick skin perspires as soon as heat goes in, so he is always cool. Cool, unlike his temperament that can be hot. HOT. Hot and cool.

Dom without a shirt on looks hot to me.


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