Modaborn 5th October at 8 pm

Modaborn, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Dear friends and colleges,

This serves as an invitation to a Modern Dance performance of my friend Kapila and his dancers. The show will take place at Barefoot on 5th of October, at 8pm. For those of you who have seen his earlier performances, I don’t have to mention, what kind of exceeding and exciting show this is. But please tell your friends and bring them all to Barefoot. For all others I just can say, come and figure out, you will not regret it.

Maybe you will find somewhere our posters in the next days, but there are just 10 of them in different places of Colombo. We do not have big sponsors and the money to start a big advertisement campaign. So may I asked you to forward this message to all people you know who might interested in Modern Dance in Sri Lanka?

Hope to meet you there,

Tickets are available at the office at Rs. 1000/- each.


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