Film Club at Foot. Tuesday 25th 2007

ZEITGEIST – THE MOVIE at the Barefoot Film Club – Tuesday 25 September 2007

“The last thing the men behind the curtain want is a conscious, informed public, capable of critical thinking – which is why a continually fraudulent zeitgeist is output via religion, mass media and the educational system. They seek to keep you in a distracted, naive bubble. And they are doing a damn good job of it.” (from film)

Crazy paranoid delusion or an exposing of the illusion … YOU decide!

A high quality version of Zeitgeist will be screened at Barefoot Gallery Cafe on Tuesday 25th September at 7pm sharp.

“If you wish to destroy an area, how do you do it? There are two ways. You can go in and bomb it etc., but that is not very efficient. What you do is you try to get the people in that area to kill each other.” (from film)

Don’t watch it alone on the net-tube. Come and watch it with some others on the big screen. It’ll be a fun time!

“This movie is so deeply full of shit I can’t believe it.” (comment from a blog)

When: Tuesday 25th September 2007 (last tuesday of every month)
Where: Barefoot Gallery Cafe

See you at Barefoot on Tuesday 25th September. Please don’t be late. 7pm start!

Until then, the bfFC

Alex Stewart 2007

Alex Stewart 2007, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.


You are invited
to the preview of an exhibition of paintings

on Thursday 13th September 2007
at 7.00 p.m

Alex also presents –

The Flying Carpet.
DJing with global music from his popular london club night,
This is music you never knew you liked!

The exhibition will remain open till
30th September 2007

10.00 a.m – 7.00 p.m Weekdays
11.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m Sundays

rsvp: 2505559 

Sri Lanka A sketch book

Srii Lanka a sketch book.jpg, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

One of the many books for sale at The COLOMBO BOOK FAIR at the BMICH  until September 16th 2007 from 10 am -9 pm daily.
Do come and visit us at our stall at B-75. We have a collection of great books discounted from 10- 50 %.
Look forward to seeing you there!

Uploaded by nazreen.sansoni on 10 Sep 07, 9.40AM PDT.
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Tasteful and reasonable you were.
Me, in my extraordinary flamboyance
Upset you tenfold
and left me unhinged
Crying out, “please don’t go”
Stay with me. Don’t disassociate yourself
Let our lives unfold, together.
We have plans to hatch
so what, that we don’t match, reasonably?