Dusk descends as we cross the bridge at Udawalawe making our way on to the Selakatragama road. We both remark that it is, in our recent memory, the most beautiful day we have seen.
One then wonders why we as a nation cannot get together and object to the governments policies, or to what the so called terrorists are up to in all their atrocity. We can’t get together because, as narhop says “the country is so damn beautiful”. One reads the paper in the morning and the resultant feeling of helplessness decreases as the mind is distracted by how stunning the view is. Whether it is from a car window driving through the interior of the island, or a glance from a bedroom window in Colombo, one is grateful at how lucky one is; to live amongst such beauty. The greenery is abundant showing a mix of wet and dry zone plants. Khombha trees, stately tall trees that boarder the menik ganga, which remind me of oak, a paddy field and a monk walking across-the classic combination of orange robe and black umbrella to further beautify the spirit. The tanks filled to the brim with clean clear water, its that magical time of the year. Another paradox in this island of ours-when we are at our political worst, the country looks its magnificent best.


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