Dom and Deepak

Dom and Deepak, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Two old hands in the photojournalist trade…


3 comments on “Dom and Deepak

  1. Those famous national geographic pics on the wall – interesting “juxtaposition” with the two chracters on the foreground 😉

    Two iconic photographs and 2 iconic photojournalists 😀

  2. Hey Naz – they look like they’re staring each other down. How Deepak’s quizzical expression? Check out the furrowed brow – and Dom is the picture of concentration. What did he have for breakfast?

  3. Cerno: Actually, deepak is more of a ‘fixer’ at Time New Delhi. There is nothing he cannot do and cannot fix. stuck in afghan he will somehow get you out… you get the picture. and Dom, yes one of his photos has made the cover of TIME, do not know if you remember, it was the one with the Buddhist monk on the cover. great shot.

    Java: fried eggs on toast, and that photo was taken just before lunch of mutton buriyani was served. In anticipation. Good, no?

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