THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER by Dhanushka Amaresekera

image 1.jpg, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Colombo/Barefoot Gallery/June 12-24th, 2007

The body of work on display is a series of images produced at the KHOJ International Artists Residency Program in New Delhi, India during 2006. The subject matter is vastly different to my earlier work and was inspired not only by my own interest towards the ‘Spirituality of the Theravada Buddhist Philosophy” but also inspired by a true friend and mentor during the long months of winter in India…. I am not saying it was easy, this is the first time I have approached this kind of subject matter and adapted to this style of shooting.

As an Islander, as a woman and an artist I have strived to take my first steps in achieving a series of imagery that evoke the spirit of the Buddha and parts of his life, through visual representation of Black and White Photography, capturing a sense of the past along with the present. This journey is as much of discovering a country where he lived and traveled but also capturing experiences on how this country lives and breathes the contemporary stories, tales and legends of the Buddha. The work is far from finished thus there is no method to the madness… however it is a journey… my journey… a documentation of my inner thoughts during that time away…. Even though it may seem like a click of a camera each image was as tedious to capture as the next…

Visiting Bodh Gaya, Varanasi, Rajgir, Nalanda was an experience that pleased the eye, and caused me to gasp in surprise at the beauty and untouched culture still preserved in the pockets and places of interest. It is my belief however that they exist only as the capsule that contains the fiery energy: whatever one would define it as, without that, the image would not even have come into existence.

The Body of work has also been shown at The Khoj International Artists Residency Program in New Delhi, Jan 2006, Part of it was on display at the Group Exhibition “A Critical Intimacy” at the Harold Peiris Gallery in January 2007 and 12 Images are currently in Preparation for a Show in Frankfurt, Germany 2007.


5 comments on “THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER by Dhanushka Amaresekera

  1. Checked out this show on a quiet evening. Loved it. Specially the small photos with all that light, texture, and detail. The close ups of the meditating hands and of a shaven head are quite monumental. Almost like landscapes.

  2. It’s a fabulous show, Cerno. so glad you came. She is quite the photographer, I would have taken thousands and come away with one ok picture. it’s so good that she came back with a body of great work. But then again, I am just playing at photography… Dom and I bought the collection of small photo’s. Wish more people wuld buy, they are a steal at Rs. 20,000/- 25,000. Especially given the depreciating rupee. I dare not think what the Steve McCurry prints would sell at (the ones you commented on in the next post). A Lionel Wendt today sells at Rs. 150,000/- and up.. In Delhi an unknown photgrapher can fetch Indian rupees 20,000/- and Dhanushka’s prints are exceptional, printed on archival photgraphic paper with archival inks.. sorry for the long spiel, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Pleasure was mine 😀

    I think there might to be a way of marketing/selling Barefoot artists via the web to people in the US. Perhaps via the expat crowd over here. The site’s already there. Small starts leading to big things..

    Easier said than done I suppose 🙂 but I’m trying to be an optimist (which puts me on the endangers species list but VTDN?)

    The margarita pie & quiche was fantastic too 😀

  4. thanks cerno, web sales, surprisingly are picking up, we get many inquires via the web and the ones that are successful are when the person who wants to buy is familiar with the artist. i.e. has seen examples of the artists work in real life.
    What I am talking about is something quite different, which I will get into when i come back from a dinner I have to run too.. bye

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