Right to Respect and Dignity

In honor of World Refugee Day which was commemorated on June 20th, the UNHCR is marking that day with a screening of QUEST and an exhibition of images by the following photographers:

Gemunu Amerasinghe

Agron Dragaj

Dominic Sansoni

Anoma Wijewardena

The exhibition will remain open till Sunday 1st July 2007.

Good opportunity to visit the Gallery, view the exhibition, listen to some great live music, the Sunday band is playing divinely- so tight, so good. lunch on feta cheese salad or Modha with corriander and pine nuts splashed down with wine or beer, discuss how to save the world and how we are going to go about doing it… then mosey on down to the CRFC for the monthly Sunday jazz. What more?

Right to respect and dignity for all life.

Film Screening @ Barefoot

On Tuesday, 26th June – Barefoot will kick of a film club by screening the just released “Sicko!” – Michael Moore’s new film. It’s about the American health care system – but it’s also about privatised health and profit. Something that’s probably going to be relevant here in Sri Lanka. Come along if you can …

– When : Tuesday 26th June @ 7pm (come earlier if you want to buy a drink)
– Where : Barefoot

About the film – Sicko!


The words “health care” and “comedy” aren’t usually found in the same sentence, but in Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore’s new movie ‘SiCKO,’ they go together hand in (rubber) glove.

Opening with profiles of several ordinary Americans whose lives have been disrupted, shattered, and—in some cases—ended by health care catastrophe, the film makes clear that the crisis doesn’t only affect the 47 million uninsured citizens—millions of others who dutifully pay their premiums often get strangled by bureaucratic red tape as well.

After detailing just how the system got into such a mess (the short answer: profits and Nixon), we are whisked around the world, visiting countries including Canada, Great Britain and France, where all citizens receive free medical benefits. Finally, Moore gathers a group of 9/11 heroes – rescue workers now suffering from debilitating illnesses who have been denied medical attention in the US. He takes them to a most unexpected place, and in addition to finally receiving care, they also engage in some unexpected diplomacy.

While Moore’s ‘SiCKO’ follows the trailblazing path of previous hit films, the Oscar-winning BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE and all-time box-office documentary champ FAHRENHEIT 9/11, it is also something very different for Michael Moore. ‘SiCKO’ is a straight-from-the-heart portrait of the crazy and sometimes cruel U.S. health care system, told from the vantage of everyday people faced with extraordinary and bizarre challenges in their quest for basic health coverage.

In the tradition of Mark Twain or Will Rogers, ‘SiCKO’ uses humor to tell these compelling stories, leading the audience conclude that an alternative system is the only possible answer.


THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER by Dhanushka Amaresekera

image 1.jpg, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.

Colombo/Barefoot Gallery/June 12-24th, 2007

The body of work on display is a series of images produced at the KHOJ International Artists Residency Program in New Delhi, India during 2006. The subject matter is vastly different to my earlier work and was inspired not only by my own interest towards the ‘Spirituality of the Theravada Buddhist Philosophy” but also inspired by a true friend and mentor during the long months of winter in India…. I am not saying it was easy, this is the first time I have approached this kind of subject matter and adapted to this style of shooting.

As an Islander, as a woman and an artist I have strived to take my first steps in achieving a series of imagery that evoke the spirit of the Buddha and parts of his life, through visual representation of Black and White Photography, capturing a sense of the past along with the present. This journey is as much of discovering a country where he lived and traveled but also capturing experiences on how this country lives and breathes the contemporary stories, tales and legends of the Buddha. The work is far from finished thus there is no method to the madness… however it is a journey… my journey… a documentation of my inner thoughts during that time away…. Even though it may seem like a click of a camera each image was as tedious to capture as the next…

Visiting Bodh Gaya, Varanasi, Rajgir, Nalanda was an experience that pleased the eye, and caused me to gasp in surprise at the beauty and untouched culture still preserved in the pockets and places of interest. It is my belief however that they exist only as the capsule that contains the fiery energy: whatever one would define it as, without that, the image would not even have come into existence.

The Body of work has also been shown at The Khoj International Artists Residency Program in New Delhi, Jan 2006, Part of it was on display at the Group Exhibition “A Critical Intimacy” at the Harold Peiris Gallery in January 2007 and 12 Images are currently in Preparation for a Show in Frankfurt, Germany 2007.