I have an ‘uncle’ who has lived in Sri Lanka all his life. Contributed to society in a right and dutiful manner, paid his taxes, and has many happy memories. Recently, he has started to identify himself as a British citizen. Why? Because he can in no way relate to the way things work in this country at present. He does not feel that the Sri lankan government represent his or his country’s best interests. Fair enough I guess. He was born in 1930, and at that time we were a British colony. Ceylonese were British subjects and had rights to the UK just like all British nationals. It was standard practice to sail to the UK and work there for awhile. I know my mother did, as did most of her peers. Granted, the British were snobs, that would have been one of the reasons why all Ceylonese welcomed independence-and from what I gather, had tremendous faith in F.R. Senanyake and then D F Senanayake, because they were thought of as honorable men and there was an inherent confidence in them and the future of our island nation. So what’s missing now? and why is that period looked on as the golden age? I think the answer is Integrity. Not just speaking about it, but actually living the word. Wonder if the living of, will ever materialise in our society again?