There used to be an informal bookclub group, which met once a month at Barefoot, ably organsied by Indi’s sister Subhanu. It would be great if we could get this group back on track again; thing is, I would need someone to help me arrange this, and now would be an ideal time as there are plenty of interesting titles at the shop and more on order and due to come in soon. Anyone interested in helping out?

There are three fairly recent publications written by native Sri Lankan’s living overseas: Julian West, Shiromi Pinto and George Aligiah, respectively. We have ordered their books and it might be fun to start with one of their titles. The Gratien Prize will be announced this Saturday, which makes for potentially more interesting material to read, and then we meet (over a beer or two) and discuss.

Any takers?


3 comments on “Bookclub

  1. I know its an old post, but just found your blog through someone else’s blogroll. I’d love to help. Confession though – I’m a late reader. Started in my late teens. Found an obsessive passion for fantasy fiction and even that with unknown authors like James Clemens. But like I popped in to say – would love to help.

  2. Naz,
    Have you considered doing this as on-line forum?It could be a very intesting format, as I am currently part of a couple of discussion groups – and it seems to work very well. What do you think?

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