Longing for one, especially as the weather is showing off gloriously. Time to hit the road, drive east, and head to the bay. No tourists there, only a few NGO organisations and their representatives. Wish my cousin Sharon were here, one of my favourite travelling companions; we would head to crocodile rock, watch the sunset, spot an elephant, sip our drinks, lie down on the heated surface, dream and talk of days gone by, plans for the future, but mostly revelling in the now.

Meanwhile, there are 80,000 IDP’s in camps, or on the move, what celebrations for them?


4 comments on “Holiday

  1. Have a Great Trip, this is what life was meant to be. Wow, hope I could have headed East or even to the beach @ Mt Lavnia to watch the sunset.What a great sight it is…miss home always.

    Very sad about all those poor people who are in camps all over our country…I pray that some day SOON they will be able to stop and watch the sunset from even their own front door.


  2. johann: thanks for the comment. notice your last name is shockman.
    any relation to David, Denis, Liz, Caroline, or Larry?

    please get in touch when in S.L.

    YANIK: At last, a word! How are you? Had the whole crew including Pa and Ma for Seb’s birthday yesterday, missed you.. love.

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