Oasis of Silence

Oasis of Silence, originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.


Is a brilliant exhibition of photographs on view at the Barefoot Gallery.

Beat Presser is one of the more talented and joyful people I have met. His photographs are beautiful, meticulously executed, evoking peace. Walking around the space and looking at his work I felt serene and divinely energised at the same time.


The exhibition is open to the public until the 11th of March. If you have signed up for the workshop, I envy you and strongly urge you to last the full two weeks. Opportunities like this do not come our way often, and we must make the most of them.

The book, Oasis of Silence, is on sale at the Bookshop. The Photographs are for sale too, costing Rs. 45,000/- for those of you who are initiated. (he usually sells for 600 Euros) For more information please contact the Gallery on 2505559.


and check this link: http://www.beatpresser.com




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