Barbara Sansoni

Barbara Sansoni

Originally uploaded by nazreen.sansoni.


8 comments on “Barbara Sansoni

  1. What an amazing woman having the insight to teach us the simple things in life.My family and I visit every year usually and this year I will miss not coming over.Thank you.

  2. I have not personally met you, but have got to know you through your published work. I have studied you word at Architecture faculty of University of Moratuwa. I was amazed by the essence of simplicity you capture with your elaborately detailed sketches. You are a true inspiration to all the generations. Thank you!

  3. I was so happy to read your kind messages. All I did when drawing buildings is to make love to them with my pen and many many fine lines so that they would remain to be ajoy to them even if the vandals destroyed the originals.

  4. I researched more about you and was fasinated at all the work you have done other than your awesome sketches. Could you let me know when you will be in Georgia, USA? I would love to talk to you!

    • She will not be in Georgia, US because she is in Sri lanka where I am!!! ps. I have met her and spoken her and some of my friends have met her personally

  5. My husband and I have just had a very quick visit to Sri Lanka. We are retired South Africans looking after our grandson in Kuala Lumpur. We were taken to “Barefoot” in Colombo and enjoyed a lovely lunch in the courtyard.
    Then in Galle I visited a second shop and just loved all I saw. I am a quilter and love textiles and colour. It was wonderful seeing all the creative ideas in the shop. I came home just wanting to CREATE!

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