Galle Lit Fest Final Module

GLF Final Module

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“An Englishman Abroad”

Taken at the Lighthouse Hotel, the final module of the Galle Literary festival. Pictured here: Three Englishman, who have chosen to live abroad. Dalrymple, Tully and Arthur C.Clarke. Nury Vittachi acted as moderator. This may have been the most popular module with over 250 people attending. Booker prize winner, Kiran Desai’s module “In the Spotlight” proved equally sought after. My favourite was “What makes Sri Lanka One?” of which I will blog about later. Still processing the whole experience. For what it’s worth the festival exceeded my expectations. So congratulations to everyone, especially to those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make it all so successful- for. a. first. Lit. Fest.


12 comments on “Galle Lit Fest Final Module

  1. Naz,

    The week was the best I’d had in six months. I had a much needed fantastic time. What I loved about it was the proximity to everybody involved and how you get to know people such interesting people iover the course of the 5 days, whether they are authors, journalists, organisers or visitors. Thanks. Really.

  2. Indran, Ravana: overwhelmed by it all. Interestingly, some of the International authors when asked why they came said, “Sri Lanka! Who does not want to come here?” Granted those particular authors had been here before and know the place quite intimately. Now, if only our government can get their act together.

  3. Naz,
    wonderful job! Congratulations! Was blown away by the international writers. The local writers were interesting, especially Carl Muller, but they need to come out of their shell and do the festival thingy! But can’t wait for next year! And thank you for giving me a reason to come to Galle. Too often we forget the wonderful cities we have in our own country. Wonderful kick off to 2007.

  4. Brilliant Naz, simply brilliant… well organised, great mix of both international and local authors (Romesh Gunesekera in particular was superb)… I guess any kinks will be ironed out by the next one… by the way working on getting Bill Bryson involved…

    BTW if he is interested how do I go about getting him invloved do I just email you or is there some official “Galle lit fest” email address thing ?

  5. Tariq: there is an offical Galle lit fest email address, just check out the pres release posted on this site, but do cc: correspondence to me.
    So glad you came…and that you enjoyed it.
    private lunch with author might have been fun, huh? next time. and see you soon, lot’s of fun events coming up.

  6. Hi Naz! It was fantastic meeting you, albeit briefly.
    Had a superb time at Galle and thought for a first time fest, it was well organised, with a good mix of local and international authors.

    Still filing stories, though a couple are out here:
    Click on the Galle logo to see the video….
    (Regret not lugging my copy of Sri Lanka Style, which I’d read before the fest – talked about it during the interview)

    And on the blog:

  7. Thanks… will do – on the Bryson angle his office has asked for details so sent them the link, will let you know when there’s something more concrete.

    I know… regret not going to the lunch will definitely try next time…

  8. Deepika: lovley to meet you, too. Had no idea you were there with your kids! was very impressed with the way they got on with their breakfast at the Lighthouse. Planning a trip to delhi end Feb early March. Is that where you are based?

  9. Hi Nazreen! Congratulations. Nice to hear of the success at Galle Lit Fest. I’m sure must have been quite a ride.. it’s certainly worth the effort. Good work naz!

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