I have a strong hunch that people with blood types A AB are more susceptible to viral infections transmitted via mosquitoes than people with say, type O.

so like millions of others I have succumbed and am now in bed shivering under the blankets.


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  1. This is really a cursed illness. My local hospital in London had not even heard of Chikungunya and people at work thought I was just extending my holiday. Just wait till you get the red patches and the swollen joints,.,,,,, hell on earth

  2. For the record, I’m O-type blood and I got the viral fever a couple of weeks ago, and I still don’t feel like I’m at 100% yet…

    Hope you get well soon.

  3. thanks guys. hope to be fine by tomorrow. have to get out of bed- too much to do.

    Yo: I would be still interested in the demographics re. blood type and viral illness.

  4. I think I’ve drunk all the thambili in the neighbourhood. I feel like I did the day after I played my first winter game against the Imperial Medics.

    We will overcome!!

  5. I am told that AB gives the best immunity. If it is Chikungunya that you have got – and it may not be – then I pray that you are spared the arthritic pains. Do not rush back to work. Take it easy. If you mess it up by being impatient the pains can drag on for months and they have very correctly been described as being ‘excruciating’.

  6. Are bleeding gums and shaking teeth part of the deal as my lower gum is bleeding and tooth shaking, My father in law in CMB tells me that he has heard of it happening to other Chikun sufferes can someone confirm please? I don’t want to be toothless.

  7. well I did rush back to work, spent two hours and came crawling back on my knees. In bed again (and laptop and wifi) but if this is just the begining when will it end? and there seem to be so many different manifestations. Bleeding gums, Tina? have you spoken to your doctor? Nice to hear from you Nirmalan, would love to see you again sometime soon. I will now do as everyone says and rest.

  8. Tina have not been able to speak with a doctor yet, but please make sure you check for dengue as well- as so many people here have come down with both; chick and dengue. Bleeding can be a sign of dengue. Get your blood platelet count tested.

  9. hope its somehow better naz.. wots this i read of a haircut?! must see soon, so recover will u! 🙂

    jokes aside, do txt etc if anything needs to be dropped by due to sudden n impossible craving or something – willingly minus the company if so desired 🙂 isnt wifi just a dream?

  10. Yes you are right the hospital has not heard of Chikungunya I did have ablood test done last friday and still waiting for the hospital to give the results to my GP. Bleeding gums have stopped now. Hope you get better soon this is a cursed illness

  11. sorry love! still in the habit of keepin the phone off, but will now leave on just for u! call next time ur in the mood for that cigi ok?

  12. The bad news is that no one seems to know much about the physiology of this disease. As for how long it may linger I have reports that range from a few days to three months to a year. One young feller said that once it comes it never goes away. Diclofenac ointment helps the pain. If that is not enough it may have to be ingested in tablet form. Ibuprofen is said to help both the pain and the swelling. Both these drugs can have serious side effects. Panadol taken two at a time helps deal with the pain and seems to me to be the safest.First time I am hearing of the bleeding gums. Loose teeth should respond to calcium tabs. Take care. This looks far more serious than we are being led to believe.

  13. yah, Naz, get well very soon…
    I was down with this Chicken whatever two weeks ago (that was the time when I did not bother you with my e-mails), but now i’m back with Beat Pressers invitation draft… I dropped in at Barefoot to see my oldest Sri Lankan friend Neville (23 years of friendship!)
    let me know…

  14. Tomorrow[26.2.07], I am invited to attend a
    patient who has become immobile and bedridden
    soon after infected by Chikengunya, three
    months before. Strange! I can say anything only after investigations. Have anyone cone across such reported cases.

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